Tuesday, November 25, 2008

This is my first official post in the Nevill Family Blog. How exciting. It will probably consist of mostly pictures and stories about the kids, but I will try to keep you updated on Matt and I as well, which will mostly consist of pictures with and stories about the kids. We are full-swing into family mode at this point in our lives, and realize that our .....well, I was going to say we realize that our "college days" are forever behind us, but I think we said goodbye to those days long ago. Let's just say that we realize that our days as a young, carefree couple are gone forever. Addison was a welcome adventure to our lives, and we doted on her and spoiled her, and still managed to take several trips alone during the first two years of her life, including a trip to Rome last Christmas and a cruise this past spring. But now, with the birth of our son Ryan, we have completed our family and are going to concentrate on who we all are now as a family of four. Don't worry - Matt and I are still going to make sure we have time for ourselves, alone and together, but we are both excited about what lies ahead over the next 20 years, as we share our lives and hearts and home with our two beautiful children.

This Thanksgiving is going to be Ryan's first introduction to Matt's side of the family (most of them). His mother is the oldest of 8 children, all of whom have kids of the own, and some of whom have grandkids, so family gatherings on that side are always large and fun! Addison has three cousins (maybe 4) that are within a year of her age, and Ryan will have two (that I know of) that are about a year on either side of him. Matt's parents have a beautiful farm about an hour from here, complete with a pond, cows, a tractor, and lots of room to roam. They'll fry turkeys and we'll have a big potluck Thanksgiving. Last year was the "on" year for all the siblings, and we had about 80 people there. This year, most of the aunts and uncles are spending the holiday with their in-laws, but I think we're still expecting between 30 and 40 people. Should be fun!

Right now, Addison is becoming very verbal and learns new phrases every day. In the past hour, she said "Where's your shadow, Mama?" and "I turn off the light, and we're in the dark." I have never taught her about shadows or the dark before, so who knows where she picked that up. Probably just from overhearing me, or maybe from TV , or the YMCA, or wherever. Ryan has started smiling quite a bit over the last week, and we're getting some coos and gurgles too. I'm really excited about this Christmas, because I know that Addie will be able to start singing some Christmas songs, and can do a little bit of anticipation of presents, Santa, etc. I'll be sure to get some good pictures from Thanksgiving and post them soon! In the meantime, here are just a couple of recent ones of the kids.