Wednesday, December 24, 2008

We spent last Saturday doing Christmas with Matt's family. Addison had a really good time, and got some great new toys.

Ryan was really good too, sleeping quite a bit and generally being cute. The weather was warm, and Addie got to ride on the Rhino with her cousin Hunter (3) and grandma.

Addie has been constantly holding her Dora doll that Aunt Heather got her, and proceeded to immediately drop Dora's shoes into the little hole on the leg of Matt's huge weightset when we got home, then screeching about wanting the shoes back. The whole weightset would have to be unbolted to retrieve them, so I'm not sure when we will be seeing Dora's shoes again. She also got an Aquadoodle mat and she really likes that as well.

Baby Ryan got a hat knitted by Aunt Heather, and Matt's parents got him an awesome Thomas the Train fold-out couch. It makes all sorts of train noises. Of course, he is too little to play with it now, but big sis Addison will make sure it gets plenty of use until then.

We got a new digital camera last night, and so far we love it. The video quality is really, really good, and the pictures are much more instantaneous than our old one - there is barely any delay at all. (Canon Powershot SD1100)

Addie had her first eggnog today and loved it. I have been having some all week and loving it. Most of my family and friends know the story about me drinking a huge glass of eggnog, and then my brother (I think) came in to get some. He opened the carton, smelled it, made a face, and looked at the date. He said " Gross, this eggnog expired two weeks ago." I said "It did not, I just drank a big glass and it tasted fine." He made an even worse face and then poured out the mildly chunky eggnog from the carton. Then I made a face, and wondered what was the matter with me. Needless to say, the next couple of days were not pleasant for my digestive system. So since I am taste-blind when it comes to rotted eggnog, I make sure to check the date carefully from now on.

Every single day, Addison progresses in her speech. She speaks in complete sentences almost all the time now, instead of just phrases. I am trying to remember funny things she said, but now I can't think of any. She has started drawing "things": She will scribble a line and said "Mama, I'm drawing an elephant, Santa, Baby Ryan, etc..." . I wonder what she sees when she sees the scribble....if it really looks like the object to her, or if she just imagines it does, or what. I would find it very frustrating to try to draw something and have it come out a scribbled mess, but it doesn't seem to bother her.

We're headed to Dallas tomorrow to do Christmas with my family. I'll post pictures sometime next week! Hope you all have a Merry Christmas!

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  1. Addie is looking like such a big girl. I can't believe she's talking in complete sentences. We're not there yet. :) Brayden scribbles but doesn't name anything when he does. Maybe he knows what he's drawing but just doesn't communicate it to us.

    Have a Merry Christmas!