Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Before I forget

I know I will forget these funny things about her, so I am getting them down now!

-When the phone rings, I always ask Addison, "Who is it?" I frequently screen calls on my home phone, since not many people call it, and most people hang up on the answering machine, so I say, " I guess it was nobody." Today when the phone rang, I said "Who is it, Addie?", and she immediately smiled and said, "Nobody, Mama, it’s nobody!"

-I asked her what animals lived in the ocean. She said "Seal!" I said "That’s right! What else?" She thought for a minute and said "More seal!"

-In the list of more things that I did not teach my child, she came running in and said "Mama, I need a rope, I need a rope!" I didn’t even know she knew the word "rope", and so I said, "Why do you need a rope?" and she said "To lasso the horse! Lasso, lasso!" and started twirling her arms around. Dora and Diego are certainly making a big impression on my child. Luckily they are good, educational impressions. She honestly does not watch much TV, but even a little bit can make its mark. I am too embarrassed to give specific examples, but I now must refrain from watching my soap opera while she is anywhere within earshot, even in another room. Sigh. It was my 15-minute indulgence while I nursed Ryan.

Today on the way home from the gym, she started fussing about something – "Mama, get it, get it, Mama!". I asked her what she wanted me to get, thinking her blanket fell or something. She just kept saying "Get it, get it," and getting more upset. I said that I couldn’t get it right now, and that when I stopped at the light, I would try to get it. I asked her one more time what she wanted me to get, and she was quiet for a few seconds. I looked in my rearview mirror, and she was frowning hard, and then she suddenly said "Worm! Get worm, Mama!" When I stopped at the light, I turned around and she was pointing to a long, pink thread on the cuff of her jeans. She didn’t know what it was, and she sure didn’t like it. "Worm" was the closest thing she could think of, since she didn’t know the word "thread".


  1. OMG!! She's too cute! I finally made it over here!!


  2. okay, these are so cute! I totally laughed. I love the string story. How funny!

  3. PS. Thank you SOOOO much for dinner. It made my day. It was so fun to see ya'll-that made my day too! You sure have some cute kiddos.