Friday, January 15, 2010

How big is she?

Addie really likes to go to the bathroom by herself, with the "door shut all the way, all the way!" Usually it's when she's going #2, so we leave her in their with a book and let her go, then go in later to help her wipe. We don't keep toilet paper on the rolls because first Addie, and now Ryan, would stand and spin and tear the paper. So often we have to get paper for Addie to wipe with when she pees, because we keep the rolls up on the windowsills. But sometimes she can reach them, and she's pretty good about not getting too much. Tonight, I was busy with Ryan so I put a roll on the holder on the wall, and told her, "You are big enough to use the paper on the roll, so I'm putting it back where it belongs. Just get a little bit - don't unroll the whole thing!" She said ok, and I believed it would be fine. Sure enough, 5 minutes later she's still in there, and I called to see if she was ok. She said, "Yeah...Mama, I need some help!" I went in and she's trying to wind up the roll that she'd unrolled - the entire roll spooled on the floor. She looked nervous when I went in, but was still flicking it with her hand - rolling and unrolling it as it spun back and forth. I sighed. I should have know the temptation would be too much (at least the first time it's been on there), so as I was winding it I told her to not touch it for now and that she was not ready to use it on the roll yet. She said, "But I AM ready to use it." I told her, "Addie, I explained to you not to unroll it all, and to just take a little bit, and you unrolled the whole thing. You didn't listen to me, and you are not big enough to use this." She got very indignant and said firmly, "Mama, I am too big. I'm VERY big and getting bigger. I'm big enough forever! See?" and she reached as high up as she could while standing on her tiptoes.

Since Addie can open doors and Ryan wanders endlessly into bathrooms, I think it will still be awhile before our toilet paper will be back in its proper place.

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  1. You need on of these!

    You can also squish the roll of toilet paper before you put it on the holder. Then it won't freely roll. It's makes it less enticing that way. :-)