Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Swimming and falling

Last night Addison fell out of her bunk bed for the first time. We heard a noise and then a screech and some crying, and I opened the door to see her coming out. I asked her what happened and with big eyes, she said, "I fell out of my bed!!!" Our bunk bed has a solid rail along the side, and it was determined that she was leaning way over to see if we had left the bathroom light on for her (we always d0). I guess she leaned a little too far and fell out. Luckily, she mostly landed on the lower bunk, which sticks out perpendicular, before hitting the floor. She wasn't hurt, mostly just startled. While I was hugging her I couldn't help but laugh into her shoulder - I'm sure it would have been funny to watch, and it was amusing to see the surprise and confusion on her face. I know, I know, I'm a bad mom. Thank the Lord she wasn't hurt.

I have been extremely pleased with Addie's swimming lessons this year. We've gone from a full YEAR of "I don't want to see my swim coaches" to "I can't wait for lessons! I want to give my coaches a hug!". The coaches are exactly the same, I guess it's just Addie who is different. In three weeks, she's gone from not wanting to put her face in the water at all to swimming about 8 feet, underwater, in the deep end, by herself to the wall and grabbing on, then turning and pushing off and swimming back to the coach. She can't really do real swimmer arms (she rotates them backwards) but she can do doggy paddle motions underwater and kick really well. And when we're just playing in the pool, she goes down and under all the time, grabbing rings off the bottom, jumping off the side, etc. I'm so glad she feels comfortable. Ryan has come a long way too. He likes to walk in the shallow end, where the water comes right up under his chin, and really likes sitting and crawling in the baby pool, where he can balance on his hands without his head going under. Like so many other things, I think watching Addison has spurred his interest. I'll put him in lessons next summer, probably.

Couple of random things:

Ryan can count to 5 - he did it while walking up the stairs with Matt.

Addi was sitting at the table making a clicking African language sound, and I told her I really liked her pretty singing and she said, "Well, I'm singing to God."

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