Monday, October 25, 2010

First day of school

Today was Addie's first day of preschool. Matt and I wanted to walk her in, so we woke up at 7 and I turned on Addie's bathroom light. Addie came right out - she was laying in her bed awake, watching her door.  We came right downstairs and put on clothes, then fed her breakfast.  It wasn't rushed, but it was so much quicker than our usual morning routine.  Matt went in to wake up sleepy Ryan and we piled in the car. 

Ready to go!!

I thought for sure I would cry, but after we all walked in, Addie got her nametag and ran into the classroom. Since her teachers are high school kids, they were focused on what they were doing instead of on us parents, and there wasn't much time to linger or get sympathetic smiles from the teachers. Which was really good, for kids and parents! Not that there would have been a scene from us. And Addison has been dropped off at MOPS, Sunday school, the Y, and Bible Study, so she wasn't nervous at all. We left and went to Chick Fil A for breakfast, then I came home to feed Ryan. 

Then Ryan and I went out. We went to Jo Ann's to buy some black fabric for me to poorly attempt to make a tail for Addison's dragon costume, then we went to US Toy to get a refund because they charged for me two My Little Pony games for Addie's party instead of one, and then to the mall playplace, and then to Wal Mart to get envelopes because mine have mysteriously disappeared, and, also mysteriously, I happen to actually have things to mail!  Then it was already time to go get Addison. I was amazed at how "free" I felt with just one kid.  I haven't hit 4 places with both kids in a LONG time, if ever. Especially not in an hour and a half!  Ryan is a quality time kind of kid. He likes to be with me and hang on me as opposed to play by himself, so I was interested to see how our mornings without Addie were going to go. Of course, it's just been one morning, but he was very agreeable with getting in and out of the car so many times.  It is so hard to remember what it was like when I just had Addison. Although, I already had Baby Ryan before Addison was even two years old, so I don't think I had  any time alone with her when she was Ryan's age.  Since I have not had nearly enough "quality time" with Ryan before now (he doesn't know his colors or shapes, but Addie did at this age), I'm hoping to make up for it during these three mornings a week that Addie will be away.  And since he's older than she was for his time alone with me, we'll probably be able to learn/do even more! Not that I'm doing school stuff, but he will probably catch on to colors much more quickly than an 18 month old Addie did!

Yesterday I was feeling pretty sad about Addie starting school. I liked our mornings and our free schedule, and it was strange to think about her having a "life" without me.  But I knew she was totally ready and it will be great, and I'm looking forward to getting to see what sort of kid Ryan is turning out to be.

There's been a big breakthrough in our family - Ryan has, out of nowhere, started telling on Addison.  Before, I'd hear some squabbling and then crying, and he would run up to me upset. I would always have to guess what happened or ask Addison (she was usually forthcoming, but not always). But yesterday, he cried and came up to me, and when I asked him what happened, he said, haltingly, "Dee"   Sure enough, he was right. And later he ran up and said, "Dee Dee take pinecone!" Which she did, and ran off with it. I'm thrilled with this development because finally I will start knowing for sure what is going on with the kids when they are out of my site - whether Ryan is super sensitive or whether Addie is super sneaky.  Or both!

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  1. What a cute little girl dressed in a sweet outfit! I miss those ruffle socks.
    I hope that you and Ryan will enjoy your time together.