Saturday, March 21, 2009

Discovering People, Discovering Fun

Aaron Neville must be hurting for money if he's reduced to singing lame songs for lame movies.

On, I found a printable coupon for a free Thomas the Train at Toys R Us this weekend. I also saw that most stores were having a Little People 50th Birthday celebration with stories, DVDs, coloring, etc. Addison is a huge Little People fan. She LOVES the DVD that came with her LP Farm (it is quite possibly the most inane thing I've seen ), so I figured it would be fun to go and see what all they had, since Toys R Us is 4 minutes from our house.

Well, the Little People party was a disappointment. They had some coloring pages and a few playsets displayed (they were in boxes, so no one could play with them) and a lady was attempting to read a story to a long table full of coloring kids. Addie wasn't too interested in most of it, but we did get another DVD. It's Things That Go instead of Animal Friends, and she is watching it right now. It is just as silly as the first one!

The Thomas the Train toy - wow. You could choose from 4 toys ( I don't know the show or characters). Three of them cost $12.99 apiece and one of them, the Lights and Sounds Percy, was a whopping $17.99!!!! However, before you get excited thinking you are going to get an awesome toy for free, take a look at this picture:

The train is about 2 inches long and feels mostly plastic although it claims to be made with "real wood". You push a button and it makes this weeny whistle or a weeny chugging noise. That's it. It looks and feels like a cheap toy you would get in a Happy Meal. I am not kidding, and this one was $17.99!!! The other ones that were $13 were just like it, but without the crummy noise. I figured if I was going to get a toy that would quickly be forgotten, I might as well get the one with sound. I think it is already lost in the depths under the couch. Remind me in a year or so to steer Ryan clear of Thomas the Train. I can't afford the toys!

We have spent a lot of time outside this weekend. Addison has been "helping" me move some plants around and water, and Matt mowed so we could actually venture into our jungle of a yard. I know rain is good, but I am hoping for a dryer year so that we can be out more without so many darn mosquitos. I think we're going to try for a family bike ride tonight since it's so nice!

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