Friday, May 29, 2009


My nephew Hunter, who is 3 1/2, is over playing this morning, and he and Addie play really good together. I made some little cinammon rolls this morning, and there were two left. Addie ran in the kitchen and saw them on the counter, and I watched her out of the corner of my eye as she dragged her stool over and got them both down, then ran into the playroom and said, "Here Hunter, you eat cinnamon roll." Hunter said, "Oh, thank you, Addie," and he came into the kitchen and said, "Aunt Missy, do you always have cinnamon rolls?" I smiled and said no, they were just for today. Addie said, "Aunt Missy, this is delicious!". I like the idea of being the aunt who always has something yummy at her house.

We moved Addie from her crib into a queen bed two nights ago. She was very excited and has been fine in it - no random nightime wanderings or late-night playing (yet). She especially likes that I can lay down next to her and hug her at night instead of just leaning over a crib. We are going to move the changing table into Ryan's room to make it a little more like a baby room. And we're moving the playroom into the office, and vice versa. At least it will give me a chance to take inventory of everything we have and clean stuff out, which I need to do about every 6 months or so.


  1. Those sound yummy! You're making me want one right now.

    I didn't go to scrapbook night b/c I'm soooo tired. We played at the park, met Matt for lunch and looked at vans. Wow, what a HOT day!

    I'm so glad ya'll got to come over the other day. once again, I didn't take any pictures. What's wrong with me?

  2. woah, a queen size bed for a little girl?
    That's awesome!