Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

Since I don't know how to do video collages of pictures, I will resort to uploading the pictures that I used for Matt's DAD frame that I have done for the past two years. It started with just Addison, and now Ryan gets his place too. Here is one of her pictures from last year (I'm still looking for the ones when she was 7 months old - they're here somewhere).

Matt is such a huge part of her life, even more so because he works from home and sees her most of the day, every day. She gets a big smile on her face when she sees him, and gets very excited to go up to his office to tell him about big events in her life, like how she did at swim lessons, or that she went potty like a big girl, or to show off her pretty dresses and bows. Matt is very patient and makes an effort to stop what's he's doing to give her attention and tell her how proud he is of her. He is also the one who comforts her when there are tears, especially on days when she's fussy for no reason and wants nothing to do with me - Daddy can make her smile just by cuddling with her.

He plays catch and builds lego houses with her, and reads books and gets her breakfast. He is also a huge blessing to me throughout the day. He will hold Ryan for a few minutes while I get Addie down for her nap. He comes downstairs to help me get out the door with kids and bags and things. He gets food for the screaming baby while I'm wiping up messes in the bathroom. And best of all, he is willing to be available during naptime, so that I can sneak out and do shopping and errands while the kids are asleep. If they wake up, he uses his lunch break to watch them until I get back, even though this interrupts his workday, or means he gets no lunch break at all. He is as hands-on a dad as you can get, and would not have it any other way. Sure, we look forward to the time when the kids don't NEED quite as much hands-on in the physical sense, but Matt is patient and loving even when I can tell he really needs a break. I am so thankful that I have a man who wants to be involved with his kids and doesn't just feel like it's the mom's job to raise them. And I know our kids will have the security and strength that Matt provides them to build their own lives on. We love you, honey!

Here are two of the "outtakes":


  1. I love your photo collage idea. I think I will steal it when Justin's time comes.

    Also, your kids have a wonderful dad

  2. We decided that the only Father's Day present he needed was yearly pictures of the kids holding the letters. It is special and personal and that way I don't have to try to guess what sort of thing he wants or needs. Usually it's something I'd have to have him buy anyways, like some electronic thingy or certain shoes.

  3. Such a sweet post. I also love the photo collage idea - such a personal and great way to document the kids' growth each year.
    I hope Matthew had a great Father's Day.


  4. I love the pictures. The cherry bow is so cute. I wonder who made that! :P