Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Big news and summer update

Ryan walked today! This morning, he was crawling and then bent over and stood himself up without holding on to anything, in the middle of the floor. And then, this afternoon, he stood up and took 1, 2, 3 steps, and then stopped and stood there looking at me. No falling, no walking to my hands, just walking and stopping. He turned 10 months on Saturday, so I guess it is official that I have an early walker. I'm so proud of my big big boy!!! Addie walked two weeks after her first birthday.

He started babbling about two weeks ago - we weren't getting any real consonant sounds out of him, but a couple of Saturdays ago, he started up with "Da da da da da" in the car. From there, he quickly moved onto "Buh", "Gah", "Dee dee dee", and he's also repeated "Uh oh" a lot when we say it first to him, although he hasn't used it in context. My mother-in-law trimmed up the back of his hair where it was growing thick and making him sweat. And then I trimmed up Addie's hair, if by "trimmed" I mean "chopped into random chunks that look pretty horrible". It is now about shoulder-and-other-various-lengths ( I attempted to cut in some "layers").

Matt and I are going on a cruise out of New Orleans in a couple of weeks, and baby Ryan is staying here with Caiti while Addie spends a week with my bestest friend Kate and Emilyn - they were the ones we stayed with at Mardi Gras in March. We figured it would be easier on Caiti and Kate to split up my two monkeys for the week.

We went to Galveston a few weekends ago. The girls had an absolute blast and really loved jumping over the waves as they crashed to the shore. The beach was surprisingly not gross. Ryan crawled all over, and as far into the ocean as we would let him before he started to drown. He also enjoyed eating the sand with reckless abandon. We tried to curtail this, but it was virtually impossible, so we didn't worry too much.

After rinsing off hands and feet and mouths, we headed over to the Rainforest Cafe, as a special treat for the girls. Everyone was very good and they loved the noisy animals on the walls. Baby Ryan was kind of the party pooper, because we had to leave earlier than we would have liked to accomodate his fussiness/tiredness. He's past the age of being able to sleep anywhere at anytime, but still too little to miss a nap without major horrible fussiness. Maybe before Caiti and Cammie leave at the end of the month, we'll try to get an all-day sitter for Ryan and take the girls to the souvenier shops on the beach ( if any are left) and let them play in the ocean for as long as they want. And get ice cream, which they will then drop on the pavement and cry about.

Oh, and I finally remembered to ask about Jesus hopping. Turns out there is some little musical video they show in Addie's Sunday school class where they sing about "Hop, hop, hop with Jesus, skip, skip, skip with Jesus, etc". I'm pretty dubious as to the educational/spiritual content of this video, but she is only 2 after all, so playing and singing and hopping is the most important thing for her right now anyway!

Caiti dressed them in matching shades for our big trip to Wal Mart.

More matching clothes, thanks to Caiti - they're watching S'Mores cook in the microwave

We also went the Children's Museum when my mom was down last weekend. It was so much fun. I wasn't sure how much stuff there would be to do for kids Addie's age and younger, but it was still a blast.

Addie had fun following Cammie around and looking at stuff, and when we went outside to the water area, all three kids could have stayed all day. Especially Ryan. He took off into the waterfalls and puddles and played and yelled for an hour. He stood up at the water table/river thing and spashed and got soaked. Two times, I tried to pick him up to dry him off and change clothes and he had big fits because he wasn't done playing. It was very cute. I could tell he just wanted to be able to run everywhere at once.

I also got all wet.

After the water stuff, we discovered the Tot Spot upstairs and that was awesome. Ryan learned to slide down soft steps on his belly and climbed in and out of cars, open doors and windows, turn switches on and off, and basically had a ball. The girls ran around from one side to the other, and I was really amazed at how nice the whole area was. I think that maybe next summer we might do a family membership.

A week ago we went to a birthday party at a park with a splashpad. The girls played and then ate lots of cake.

Matt with Ryan and Caiti with Addison

Ryan about to bail out of the stroller

Not sure what else is on the agenda for the next couple of weeks. I finally got Addie's dress-up area painted and the border put up. We need to hang the mirrors and stencil the designs and get curtains, and then I will have a beautiful corner full of dresses and princess crowns and girly things for my little girl. Anyone who knows me should be surprised. And I won't be surprised if she never sets foot over there. But in the meantime it looks cute and girly.


  1. sounds like ya'll have been busy. The kids are growing up so much. I can't believe Ryan is taking steps. Wow!

    We have a little rocking action with Brielle but no crawling yet.

    enjoy your cruise! You're so lucky!!!

  2. Way to go Ryan!! I just can't believe how big your babies are! Addison is just so grown up looking, she is just precious. I really enjoyed hearing all of your updates! It sounds like you've had a wonderful summer! You look a-mazing by the way, way to get fit girl! Enjoy your cruise!!!

  3. That is so exciting. He is growing up super fast!