Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Back to normal already?

It's weird - we had Caiti and Camryn with us for two full months, but now it seems like they were never here. Not in a bad or good way - I just though that we'd feel a huge difference once they left. Caiti was always ready to watch the baby or play with him while I got coffee, and Cammie always kept Addison occupied (for better or for worse) instead of Addie talking to me constantly. The house IS noticeably quieter. And also Addie has apparently gotten back into her late sleeping habit. Cammie would always wake up fairly early (usually be 7) and would either go into Caiti's room or come downstairs. And since Addie is a light sleeper, she would get up too and would follow Cammie. Before, Addie would never get up out of bed by herself. She'd lay there and call for us, or play or something. But while Cammie was here, she'd climb out of the bunk bed (she sleeps up top now) and wander around, somtimes coming into our room. I guess that's ok, but I sure didn't like it when she was up even before the baby. Yesterday was her first morning to wake up alone, and at 6:58 I heard a door shut and heard, "Mama?" in the hall. Ryan was still asleep, so I got up and picked up Addison, thinking I'd put her in bed with us (she never, ever goes back to sleep, she mostly just kicks and squirms for ten minutes and then wants to get up), but instead I told her it wasn't time to get up yet and I put her back in her bed. She was wide awake, and I told her I'd come back in a little bit. Of course, there was no way I could go back to sleep at this point, so I waited about 20 minutes and then Ryan woke up. After feeding him his bottle, I went back upstairs to check on Addie. Sound asleep. The poor child slept till TEN OCLOCK!!! I knew she was overtired and exhausted. She also went down at 2 pm for a 2.5 hour nap, then went to bed at 8:30 last night and as of now (8:21 a.m.) is still asleep. Now this is the Addison I'm used to!! Lots of sleep and much more pleasant disposition. I really think that part of the girls' problems this summer was Addie's overall tiredness, but you know how it is - when they get overtired, they tend to sleep less, not more, and the lack of consistency wore her down.
I'm just glad to have more time alone with Ryan in the morning (although I'd give it up willingly if HE would sleep later!!), and hopeful that some of the absolutely ridiculous meltdowns we've had lately will cease and desist now that Addie is well-rested.

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