Saturday, September 5, 2009

September Already?

Caiti and Cammie are leaving tomorrow - I can't believe they've been here for two full months, since July first. I have more pictures to share, and a cruise report and all, but we've been super busy this week trying to round up toys, clothes, etc, getting things packed, referee ingthe girls (repeat ad naseum), and dealing with the baby. Speaking of the baby, he is now for real officially walking. I think Thursday is the first day where he did about 70% walking instead of crawling, but he'd already been doing 15-20 step trips, so since he turned 11 months on Tuesday, I'll use that as my marker for when the real walking started. He is extremely pleased with himself and walks with his legs very far apart. I'll have to go dig through the big bag of hand-me-down shoes from my sis-in-law to see what will fit him. Also, he is a fatty. He ate an entire pork chop, plus potatoes and a million peas, and then his bottle of milk too. All at once. Matt and I were just now getting to the point where we buy Addie her own food when we go out to eat, or fix her a chicken breast or potato instead of just giving her bites of ours. And now Chunky Monkey is coming right along wanting tons of food too. My grocery bill is going to double soon!

What else? We are itching to get Addie's "big girl" room set up, with new bedding and all, but I'm sort of waiting till Cammie is gone and we rearrange the bunk beds and furniture. Also, my neighbor's daughter is turning 10 and is getting a new room, so they are getting rid of her old stuff and wanted to know if I want it. It's all Disney Princess (I haven't seen it), which is definitely not my favorite theme (I don't like character themes at all), BUT, my neighbor tends to buy pricier items in terms of clothes and toys, so there is a possibility that it might be more...tasteful? Not so cartoonish? You know how Disney is into home decor now that isn't just Mickey Mouse, so maybe this set of bedding isn't just big cartoon princesses, because that would be too much to take. Although I must admit Addie, like most little girls, is all about princesses right now. She still doesn't really understand a whole lot about them, but she knows they are pretty and wear dresses and are on a lot of her stuff. And free stuff is free stuff, so we'll see. If it's horrendous then I'll start looking at some other stuff/colors/etc.

- Addie ran into the playroom and said, "Mama, I gotta go potty!", so I said, "Ok, go, run run run!", and she stopped and said, shocked, "Mama! That's not nice! You need to say it nice!" So I asked her to please go to the potty and she said, "Thank you for saying it nice Mama" and calmly walked to the potty.

- She was jumping off a big thing at the mall playplace, and called out across the whole area, "Mama, did you see? I took a big jump!!" Except keep in mind her two-year-old pronunciation, and replace the J with a D sound. Everyone was quiet while I quickly called out, "Yes, a JUMP, you JUMPED so big!"

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