Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Ryan's 1 year stats

We went today for Ryan's 1 year shots and measurements. He weighed in at 23 pounds, 2 ounces, which is right at the 50th percentile for his age. His length was...I forgot, it's on the sticker, but I think it was 29.5 inches. He's 40th for length and 40th for head size. He then got 4 shots, including his first flu shot. He screamed, but I gave him a sippy cup with watery apple juice and he sucked it so hard, like he was nursing. I remember nursing them both immediately after their shots when they were smaller- it was so comforting for them. The nurse also asked if we could Addie's flu shot while we were there. I said yes, then spent the next 5 minutes trying to prepare Addie. I told her she would get an ouchie shot in her arm, and it would hurt but then it would be over quick. I repeated that several times, and she seemed fine, of course. Then when the nurse came in, she said she was going to do it in Addie's leg because her arms were still so small. And that is what Addie chose to fuss about, since I'd "prepared" her for a shot in her arm. She fussed and cried and didn't want it in her leg. I know she would have cried no matter what. So I had to hold her arms and body while she screamed, and then it was over quick, but she still was very upset. And you should have seen the pitiful shuffling limp she did walking out of the office. I ended up having to carry her because her leg was SO painful. This was after she took up the whole hallway with her lurching, while a patient man was trying to get around her. I said, "Hurry up and move, Addie, pick up the pace!" She dropped to the floor and said, " Where is it? Where is the pace? Where is it Mama?" The man was not very amused and stepped over her, and then I picked her up so that we could get out of the office while it was still daylight.
We then met Matt for "special" lunch because of the shots, and Addie refused to eat anything because she wanted a Lunchable. Ryan had a fantastic time, and danced and bounced in the high chair the entire time he was eating. Now we're back home and both kids are happy and in great moods. Addison never had bad reactions to shots, she just slept a ton when she was smaller. Ryan didn't even do that. We do have to go back in one month for the second flu shot. My poor kiddos.

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  1. If only you had packed a luncheable for the doctor's visit!!!