Friday, December 4, 2009

No presents this Christmas?

Ok, this is a true emergency - I don't know what to get, or what to tell people to get, Addie for Christmas. Since she doesn't watch commercials, she is not really "into" anything and doesn't know about a lot of toys (which is a good thing, I think!). But now I don't know what sort of toy would really engage her, or appeal to her. I took her to Target and let her browse the aisles, but for about 30 minutes, all she wanted to do was push buttons on toys that made noise, like Elmo or Barbie Laptop or things. She wasn't overly amazed or interested in anything. I think it's because she may not realize that everything there is something that she could potentially own, so she still is slightly disinterested in things she can't touch. Again, which is good ( I know that will change with no help from me, so I don't want to encourage her to want everything), but still. Because she is not specifically into a certain type of toy, I guess I could get a random thing and hope she likes it, but I am not even sure what types of random thing I should get, or tell people to get. So please! Post a comment or send me an email and let me know what YOU would get if you had a just-turned-3-year-old girl. Some of you do!


  1. Does she like dress up? You could get dress up stuff...

  2. She has lots of dress up clothes and an awesome dress-up pink painted corner with two mirrors and a custom built stage in her room. Guess how often it is used? Well, I take that back - she and Ryan like to dance on the stage in front of the mirrors naked.

    Good suggestion, though!

  3. Go to and go to the wish list and search for Caroline Welch. Those are my suggestions I've used for relatives. Make sure you select VIEW ALL & GO so you can see all the stuff. I'm especially excited about the books on CD and the educational stuff, like pattern magnet and anything Melissa & Doug.

    Caroline got a viewmaster for her birthday and I picked up a bunch of extra reels ($4 each) for her favorite cartoons at wal-mart and kohl's for Christmas.

    She got a tabletop easle with chalkboard on one side and dry erase on the other for her birthday. I saw it at Target for $20. She likes using my dry erase markers on it.

    Card games... I didn't know the girls were old enough, but Caroline and I play some card games she got for her birthday (with the cards face up of course).

    I hope that helps : )

  4. my nieces have always like crafty things. so I've tried to spice it up with bathtub crayons or markers that do different colors...
    You could always have the grandmothers get her playdough - a toy that stays at grandmother's house.