Saturday, December 5, 2009

Santa Fail, part 3

Our neighborhood HOA put together a breakfast with Santa this morning at the clubhouse. We have been trying for at least a month to talk about Santa, getting pictures, telling him what you want for Christmas, etc. I have pretended to be Santa and tried to ask every question he might ask, like how old are you? What's your name? Have you been good? Have you been nice to your brother? Addison was really into it this year, with answers to every question and a clear idea of what she wanted to ask Santa for - a raccoon and a birdie and a turtle for Baby. She was so excited about going to eat pancakes with Santa, and we got dressed in Christmas outfits this morning all ready to go. I talked and talked about it, and our friend Amber was taking the pictures with Santa, so I though Addie would be even more comfortable. We got there and ate pancakes and had a sip of cocoa, and Addie's friend Finley from swimming lessons was there too. The girls ran around and played, and Addie made a Christmas card, and then the time came to see Santa. The brakes came on, the terror showed up on her little face and she absolutely, refused to see him. She didn't want to look at him, to wave at him, to peek around the corner at him - nothing. Finely went to see Santa, and her other friend Serenity went to see Santa. I even told Addison I was going to take Ryan to see Santa, thinking she might as least tag along and watch from afar, but she did not want to go in the same room. So I took Ryan, who was happy and cheerful, and gently sat him on Santa's lap. He immediately screamed and cried, and I laughed. They got pictures (which I am about to go pick up) of him screaming, and I'm sure they are hilarious. But we didn't even get close to anything with Addison. This afternoon is another Christmas festival with free Santa pictures. Maybe we'll have better luck, but I seriously doubt it. Oh well, I tried.

Ryan in a good mood

Addie and Finley

First annual Screaming Ryan Santa Photo

Here's the link to Santa Fail part 1 and 2 (in photos).

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