Friday, February 19, 2010

Random Addie things

I was wrapping a present for Michelle's baby shower and told Addie it was for Baby Allie. We talked about all the people who have had babies lately, like Miss Kate, Miss Gen, Miss Ashley, and Miss Marianne. Then she asked who my baby was, and she said, "Your baby boy is getting bigger and bigger." I said, "Yes, and my baby girl is getting bigger too, but I'm not going to have any more babies." She thought for a minute and said, "I want a baby...sister. Let's have a baby sister." I smiled and said, "You want a sister? What about your baby brother? I'm all done having babies!" She said, "It's ok Mommy, when I was bigger, I will buy you a new baby."

Addie was washing her hands and I brought her a dry towel to dry her hands. I left for a minute and then went back in and she had the towel in the sink and was running water over it - it was soaked. I sternly told her to stop it, and that she knew better than that. I hustled her out of the bathroom and she was frowning and fussing about it. I got down and said, "Addison, you know that's not what we do with towels. We don't pour water all over them. What are towels for?" She just stared at me and didn't say anything. I asked her again and told her to answer me. She said, "But I don't have any words!" and she looked down at her hands, then held them up to show me they were empty. I smothered a smile and said, "Words are in your mouth. They come out of your mouth." And, I kid you not - her eyes got big and she reached up in to her mouth with her fingers, feeling around. " There's nothing in my mouth, Mama, no words."

At the Y, Ryan wanted to walk but wasn't happy about holding my hand, so I told him that the cars would mush him in the parking lot. Addie said, "Yeah, Baby, you will get all mushed and we won't have a baby anymore." I asked her if she would be sad if Ryan was gone, and she said, "Yeah, but then I could go buy a baby sister at the store." I told her that we can't buy babies at the store - only mommies have babies in their tummies and then it's THEIR baby when it comes out. She said that she knew lots of mommies with babies and we could ask to have one of the their babies since we didn't have one anymore.


  1. That girl is too smart for her pants!!!

  2. She will be quite the entrepreneur in black market baby sales when she grows up! ;-)

  3. She is so stinking cute!!!