Thursday, March 4, 2010

End of February Update

Matt's parents kept the kids at the farm last weekend and they had a blast. They got to ride the Rhino, play in the dirt, play with toys, and ate like hogs. Matt and I had a wonderful weekend. The weather was beautiful! We spent Friday night with our friend Eric, who cooked us dinner, and then Saturday morning Matt borrowed a bike and we went riding along a creekside path, through parks and into his old neighborhood. It was so much fun to just cruise along wherever we wanted! We rode by his old house that he lived in from 5th-12th grade, and the lady who owns it (actually, the people who bought it used to own the farm, and they traded the farm to Matt's parents for the Houston house!) came out and let us come inside to see how it looks after all these years. It was neat. Then we ate lunch out, and came home to do just a little bit of yard/garage work. I had a $50 gift card to Cypress Station Grill from when Casey won the local newspaper costume contest at Halloween, so we ate there, and then we had free movie passes to Studio Movie Grill (they give two free tickets to anyone once a month) and watched Shutter Island. After sleeping in Sunday, we actually got to lounge around while reading the paper and drinking coffee. Then we drove up to get the kids.

It was really fun spending time with Matt again, and having fun together on our own schedule. But we did miss the kids and were happy to see them again. It was a perfect little break. I've been trying more and more to truly enjoy the kids every day instead of keeping them occupied while I try to do a million other things at once. I don't pick up the house every day or feel like I constantly have to keep moving to get stuff done, and it's so much nicer overall - the kids are more relaxed because I am. I didn't think I was "overdoing" it in terms of housework and other distractions - but I don't think I was ever truly at the "letting things go" stage. I'm trying to find the right balance, which things to really just "let go" (if the laundry's in the basket instead of on the floor, then who cares if it takes a few days to fold? And every toy doesn't have to be picked up every day) and which things I do need to stay on top of (clean kitchen and bathrooms, washing clothes). My house is messier than normal, but I can already tell a change in my mood and the kids have just been behaving beautifully (mostly) for the past few weeks.

We took pictures last year of Addison in Matt's mom's wedding dress - the original plan was to take a picture every year on her birthday, but we never got around to it until March of last year, so this past weekend was the perfect time to capture 3-year-old Addie in the dress. I keep meaning to put her in something of mine every year, and Ryan could wear something of Matt's maybe? And I'll have to find something of my mom's too.....I guess you never know what piece of clothing would really epitomize a time period in your life that you can watch your kids grow into over the years. I first got the idea when I saw an article about a mom who put her girl in her grandma's old 1950's bathing suit, with the longer legs. By the time the girl was 16 or so, the swimsuit fit her like a glove and was a great vintage piece. Maybe I should have kept my Units outfits from the 80's!

Silly girl

She was actually very still and good

This was Matt's dad's suit jacket from their wedding

He loved it.

Oh, and we know we're spoiling the kids, but we bought them a couple of cheap toys while they were away. And we're probably setting a bad precedent but we got two of each toy. Partially so they won't fight, but also because it's so fun to watch them both play with the toys together. We got little bats and balls at the dollar store, then two microphones ($2). I had acquired two ride-on toys even before Ryan was born because I knew I'd have two kids and they would both need (want) a riding toy at the same time. Ryan is so cute copying Addison - he looks to her for information from how to climb into the car by yourself to how to dig a hole to plant flowers.

Singing "Jack and Jill", of all songs!

Standing up on the cars and "dancing"

I taught Ryan to snore today - Addie took a long nap so I told him she was still asleep and put my hands up to my cheek and snored. He thought it was hilarious, and he covers his mouth and makes hacking noises.


  1. Oh, and Mom - the baby tiger was at the farm!!!! Must have left it Christmas Day evening, a couple of days before you and Caiti came.

  2. I'm still working on balancing the house and the kids. It's true...some thing just have to go...or just wait.