Saturday, April 18, 2009

April news

Ryan is still rocking and squirming, but no actual crawling yet. He is always just about to sit himself up, or move forward, but he will twist the wrong way at the wrong time and collapse. I guess that's ok, though, because that means I can put off babyproofing just a little longer. Addison never got into my computer cables or books or cabinets or anything, so I didn't have to get all the fancy gear to secure things. I wonder if Ryan will be totally different.

When Addison is playing with other kids, she tends to be slightly naughty. Not in the way she plays, but in terms of her responses to me. She doesn't listen, and will deliberately do things that I just asked her not to do. Normally, we can tell her things like, "Addie, no, we don't touch that, it's just to look at," and that will do the trick ,but if there are other kids around, I can see her mind working and she is inspired to test the limits. Not sure where this is coming from, but I'm sure it's all normal for a 2.5 year old.

Ryan has been sleeping great at night for the past several nights, after a few LONG nights of waking and crying due to ear infections. We've kept up the antibiotics and ibuprofen. I keep waiting for teeth to pop through, but nothing so far. Addie already had 3 teeth at this point.

We are going to Bryan today for my old roomate Maria's daughter's second birthday. I've been telling Addie all week that on Saturday we are going to Mia's party and we will sing Happy Birthday to her, and Addison has been having a great time randomly repeating this information to herself, and sitting in the backseat saying, "We go to Mia's party today? No, not today, Saturday!! And we sing Happy Birthday, and we eat cake, and we get presents."

Easter was fun. We had a big family picnic with friends from church, and got to hang out with some of the other young couples were are brand new parents or getting close to having kids. Addison really got into the egg hunt. Ryan even got one egg, and then he chewed on it for the rest of the morning. My mom came down and helped keep Addison entertained during her first-ever church service on Easter morning, since there were no classes for the kids. She did very well. I'm glad that normally this church has classes and separate services for kids, because I remember very well being so bored in church! I didn't understand 90% of what was being said and just zoned out and tried to keep myself occupied. I haven't done a lot of checking into what the kids' program is really all about, but I am hopeful that it will be meaningful and applicable to Addison's life. Oh, and Ryan's too. =)

Ok, gotta run and start getting things ready for the hike up to Bryan. We also have free tickets to the Aggie baseball game tonight. I've never been, but have always heard they are super fun. We'll see how fun it is with two kiddos, and it may even get cancelled depending on what the weather does, but oh well. We'll spend tonight at the farm, and then home tomorrow.


  1. That's funny. The one weekend you are in Bryan, we are in Houston!


  2. my first aggie baseball game was last year, when we were visiting my brother. It was a lot of fun!

  3. It's not just Addie. Brayden likes to "test". Matt subbed in his church nursery class and he was naughty. I told Matt that I think he was excited for him to be there but just didn't know how to express it. He's starting to tell us "No" and we're not too excited about it.

    It's fun now that they understand what to do with Easter eggs. Next year will be fun with our babies too. They should have a general idea by then.