Thursday, April 30, 2009

She IS naughty!

Addie did not nap today, and while she is often still pleasant during her sleepless days, today was not one of those days. She got spanked for hitting Ryan, got a stern talking-to when Ryan mysteriously fell over, got her toys taken away for throwing them, and has just generally been in a foul mood.

Tonight at the table, she did manage to make us laugh twice. Once, we were squeezing out the last of the ketchup for her to dip, and it of course made a farting noise. Addie looked up, suprised, and said, "Excuse you, ketchup!!" The second time was not officially funny, but it made me laugh. She was acting a little bratty, and I said, "Addison, you are being very naughty." She screeched back,"NO! DON"T tell me I'm naughty, DON'T tell me I'm naughty!" It cracked me up a lot, but I managed to not laugh in her face.


  1. Yeah, we have times like that: throwing, hitting, being a stinker. Brayden calls toots "poo-poos". It's so funny. I like the ketchup bottle story. :)

  2. Hmm -- sounds EXACTLY like what Camryn would say! Do yo think they're related??????