Thursday, April 30, 2009

End of April

I’ve had Addie in panties all week, except naps and at night. So far, so good! I just got tired of the diapers. Addie will sometimes tell me when she has to go, and I also ask her many times a day. Sometimes she’ll say no, and sometimes yes. She did have an accident while sitting on Matt’s lap reading books (he was thrilled), but otherwise she has been very good. I started a long time ago giving her tiny M&M’s as a reward, but we are going to quickly make the transition to a neat My Little Pony sticker chart, since she goes so many times during the day.

Today we had playgroup at my house, and Addie’s friend Caroline is also potty training. Check out this picture of the two of them:

We’ll be sure to show it at their high school graduation party.

Ryan is officially crawling, but he is not very fast and much prefers to lay flat on the ground and whine. He is a big whiner! But cute. He’s also quite chunky, but I think he’ll slim up once he starts moving around more. Not sure what is going on with his sleep habits – some days he naps good, some not, and some nights he’ll sleep all night and sometimes he cries two or three times. Last night, he was up cooing and gurgling and talking to his animals for almost an hour at 3 a.m. So were Matt and I. =(

Tomorrow is my last MOPS meeting of the year. I’m sad! I loved having a whole morning with lots of food and friends, and it was good for the kids as well, to spend nearly 3 hours away from me. Oh well, it’ll start up again in the fall.

Matt had a good time with some old friends last weekend. They went up to Bryan/College Station and hung and walked around A&M and just did guy stuff together. He also got to spend a day fishing with his dad on the farm.

I’m going to talk to the insurance agent today about more term life insurance for Matt. Once we get a good policy in place, I can begin plotting his demise!

Obviously there is nothing else going on that is interesting right now.

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